Niche Site Update for March 2023: We Back

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What if.. I started making.. niche site updates.. again? Haha just kidding… unless..?

What’s happening, folks? I’m 47 hours into a water fast and feeling froggy. I need to keep busy with something productive like video games or distracting like publishing articles (please laugh), so let’s get jiggy with some site updates!

My dormant main site

Niche-ishEntertainment? Lead gen? A little of both?
Theme usedGeneratePress, what else?
Plugins usedGenerateBlocks, TranslatePress, Thirsty Affiliates, WooCommerce (on a subdomain), Calculated Fields Form
Additional informationThis is my longest-held and most successful niche site. Started in January 2020 and started publishing hard in July 2020. As of November 2022, publishing ended, and I consider the site complete.
Earnings for March$4255.30
Earnings total$56,613.72
Estimated worthBetween $79,214.68 (L12MA*35) and $163,837.19 (L6MA*45)

Ah, my covid project.

As you can see from the graph below, pageviews went absolutely insane in March.

This is 100% attributed to using TranslatePress & DeepL to translate being put on the site in September 2022 with a few languages, then expanding it to all available languages earlier this year.

As I said in the video, I don’t know if something like this could work for you. I did enough research on my niche’s keywords & competition to warrant that this would produce results.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to talk about for this site. As I stated, at the moment, it is finished, and I have no plans to add more content. That may change as the industry changes.

If you want the complete story, I have/had a thread on Builder Society doing monthly updates:

Other projects being operated on

What, you thought I was out here just resting on my laurels?

The direct competitor

One thing I’ve been fascinated with for a while is competing directly with my site. Why settle for one spot in the SERPs when you can rank for 2, 3, or 10 spots?

I’m taking what I know worked one time, and am trying it again. Basically, taking my top-performing affiliate programs & top-performing content, and spent $1,200 for really inexpensive content. $0.011/word. Not good at all, but the exact type of content needed to experiment with.

The site is also going to be translated from the beginning like the main site has been. And things are looking alright for it being less than a month old.

The problem I’ll be facing in the future is correctly allocating earnings to their appropriate site. The main site has 90-some affiliate links in Thirsty Affiliates, and while this one will have significantly less, some of those programs don’t have the option to set up campaigns or source links.

So I think when this site starts appearing to be earning, I’ll have to combine the stats (could easily separate those) and earnings into one niche site cornucopia.

The 1-day pSEO site

This is part of the cornucopia, although it can be separated as far as earnings go. It’s only a few hours old, but this site could be alright for intermittent earnings. It was super easy to complete, spent about an hour in Google Sheets creating 20,000 conversion rate pages, a few minutes copying a calculator, and blasted.

It’s kind of hard to describe exactly what the site is for, but imagine you could buy

  • 10 widgets for $5
  • 20 widgets for $9
  • 50 widgets for $20
  • 100 widgets for $35
  • and the list goes on

And you could sell the widgets for $20 each.

What these pages do is calculate how much you could make from selling 1, 2, 3, etc widgets, the best package to purchase widgets, and how much it would cost in total.

The idea was there are people looking for the specific calculator to do this for them, but there are also people doing hyper long-tail & one-off searches for like “how much 343 widgets are worth” that I’m hoping to capture.

If it works, it works. If not, it was a few hours and a $15 domain experiment.

Bulk publishing, but good this time

Wild that on the same day, I started another site, this time working with Arielle Pheonix’s Bulk Publishing Spreadsheet. This site is a whole lot more mainstream, probably going to be monetized with (shudders) Amazon and display ads & sell-off in a few months.

There’s a bit more variety in what’s being created and not based on one suite of products like the energy drink site that was bulk created with AI.

Roughly 2,200 question keywords with ~130 in draft, needing to be cleaned up with formatting, images, videos, internal links, and love.

What’s up for April

So, I’ll be continuing this fast for as much of April as I can, so it may be hit or miss for how much gets done. I will say that I’ve now passed hour 48, and I’m feeling alright.

If anything, I’ll be looking at continuing to clean up and publish on the bulk publishing site. It only takes a few minutes per article … but do you think we’re clocking in 8-hour days?

The main site is also branded as an agency and is starting to get a lot of people reaching out to the apply page. I’m tossing around the idea of actually taking on clients again (not at all SEO related), which would open up a fuckload of revenue possibilities. The flipside would be hiring a few people to actually do what needs to be done for clients.

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