Think You’re Creating Great Content? Here’s How to Tell

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Every single time there’s an algorithm update, someone writes about how they create great content, and they still lost 20, 30, or 50% of their organic traffic.

“I was creating great content; I was doing everything right!”

Well, maybe you weren’t. Maybe you were creating doodoo-ass content that happened to rank well on Google.

This got me thinking: if everyone claims to write great content, how can they get real feedback from readers who’ll tell them if it’s great or shit.

Solution: share your content on relevant subreddits and see how people react. Either by self-promotion “I wrote this article about X:” or learn to manipulate the platform and do some undercover self-promotion “TIL that X does Y.”

Feedback is quick

You will learn quickly whether the stuff you’re creating is junk that no one wants to read in its entirety, and people need a quick answer.

I would say within an hour, you’ll know what people think. Between the upvote/downvote system and comments, you’ll know.

Comments might even be more important than upvotes because controversy might bring on a slew of downvotes, but the discussion could be money.

An overused example

An overused and easy-to-go-back-in-time-and-look-at example is Pat from Starter Story. I won’t waste your time talking about what he was doing; you can see what I mean from the image below.

You can go in and look at those comments and see that most were positive, but there’s always a handful of salty fucks that don’t like what he’s doing.

Fuck em.

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