Trojan Horse Content for Programmatic SEO Sites

One of the troubles I had with my first programmatic SEO website was that display ad companies continually denied me. From Adsense to QuestionableTacticsMedia, no one would touch the site.

This is bizarre because (I know this isn’t a metric for being accepted) a few other sites were doing the same thing doing less than what I was regarding page content.

But it was frustrating dealing with rejection after rejection, so I had to devise a plan. A plan that I could use time and time again for sites I wanted to be monetized through display ads.

But how can we do that?

Enter: My Trojan Horse 🐴

I’m not going to go into all the details of the story of the Trojan Horse, but basically, these dudes built a giant horse and presented it as a gift to some guys, but inside the giant horse was dudes with weapons that beat up the guys.

Trickery at its finest.


But how does that relate to niche sites and programmatic SEO?

Well, what if, instead of generating thousands of pages and asking for acceptance into Adsense, Ezoic, or QuestionableTacticsMedia, I had 10, 20, or 30 articles created first, get accepted, then unload the real movers and shakers onto the sites? Perhaps, make those first articles sticky, so they always appear first in the blogroll. Perhaps, PERHAPS, use an AI writer to get them created damn fast instead of outsourcing or doing it myself.

After all, they’re not meant to rank or do anything but serve as decoys.

The Trojan Content Build 🐎

You can’t just generate 300-word blog posts and call it a day. You’d certainly get rejected for thin content, which is what we don’t need.

And just for reference, this sentence in this article just cracked the 300-word mark.


Additionally, we’re not trying to create content that’s supposed to rank, we’re creating content quickly.

Enter: the listicle.

Stop thinking backlinks; start thinking Buzzfeed.

  • 11 Reasons Your Dog Won’t…
  • 7 Ways to Study for…
  • 8 Popular Foods You…
  • 5 Tips to do…

And do you think I’m writing those fluff pieces? You’re absolutely right: no chance is hell.

Enter: my good friend Jasper. While I don’t want this to become an advertisement for the software, it takes care of 80% of the 🐴. I think with that little image generation add-on, you have 97% of the process done, with the last 3% being uploading and slapping publish. Hey, VA, I have a task for you.

Now I know this teeters very much to the black hat side of things on a scale of black hat to white hat. Probably a high risk of getting demonetized, so alternative methods of monetization would need to be established.

In fact, I would never rely solely on display ads for this kind of implementation. Or use an account that I had significant earnings from other sites on. Brand new, new email, all new everything. OR use an alternative ad platform you really don’t give a damn about and gets inferior CPM rates.

I guess we’ll see in a few months if I lose accounts 😅