Free Programmatic SEO WordPress Plugin

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What if I told you that you could start creating programmatic SEO articles without paying a monthly subscription?

With a plugin that has been around for years and Google Sheets.

Completely free technology.

Exactly what you need to get started

  • Google Sheets to keep your data organized
    • You don’t need to be a concatenate wizard, as previously thought
    • Just name your columns appropriately and clean up your data
  • WP All Import to ‘mad libs’ or ‘mail merge’ or ‘brand swap’ your data into posts
    • The free version can be used to create regular posts
    • The paid version must be used for things like Advanced Custom Fields, importing images, etc.

WP All Import allows you to set a date range for publishing. I used the free version of the software, and no paid software is necessarily required. This plugin only requires a dataset file and some configuration.

You don’t need a third party. You don’t need anything like that. I know a few services are popping up nowadays that offer user interfaces that look more attractive; however, all they are is WP All Import with a better aesthetic.

This is here and now, and creating basic posts is free.

Coding and creating functions in WordPress are not necessary. All you need are appropriately named columns and clean data.