On playing business

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Some people like the idea of publishing, collecting affiliate revenue or ad revenue, and repeated the process. They don’t have to interact with anyone and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But there’s a transition some people make, not required by any means, but a transition nonetheless. And that’s “doing business.” Or playing business, whatever.

Today at 12:33 someone reached out on the contact page of a newer site. Instead of playing email tag for days, I gave them a call with the information I assumed they wanted (leads for their new SaaS) and built that relationship. We talked shop, the industry, and then got down to business.

“How much is a lead worth to you? I’m sending 600 clicks to this program a month, 500 to these programs, 1/3 of those clicks sign up. How much is 150 to 200 new sign-ups a month worth to your business?”

Boom. A website with less than 10k monthly users at this point is making much more money.

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