Making Money Online Made Me a Terrible Employee

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I’m here to delve into a topic that has been intriguing me lately – the intricate interplay between the performance-driven world of affiliate marketing and self-publishing, and the sometimes rigid structures of traditional employment. So, grab a comfortable seat and join me as we embark on a journey through these two seemingly disparate realms.

The Unconventional Path

My journey began back in 2014 when I bid farewell to my military career. Eager to explore new horizons, I stepped into the world of online ventures, including self-publishing eBooks and diving into the realm of affiliate marketing. The allure of making a living online was magnetic, and I indeed managed to achieve significant earnings at the zenith of my endeavors. However, the digital landscape is a fickle friend, and my income experienced its share of ebbs and flows over time.

A Performance-Infused Mindset

One remarkable trait that these ventures instilled in me was an unyielding focus on efficiency and results. The digital marketing arena, with its commission-based earnings, tied my efforts directly to my income. This mindset cultivated an innate inclination to optimize processes, automate repetitive tasks, and extract maximum productivity from every moment.

Collision with the Traditional Employment Paradigm

Yet, this performance-driven mentality often collided with the conventions of traditional employment. The notion of receiving a set salary or hourly wage felt incongruent with someone accustomed to seeing tangible rewards for their exertions. The philosophy of working smarter, not harder, clashed with the standard practice of trading hours for money.

Championing Performance-Based Compensation

As I transitioned into conventional roles, I found myself advocating for alternative compensation structures rooted in performance. During interviews, I proposed innovative ideas such as tying bonuses or salary raises to specific, measurable accomplishments. My vision was one where the more value I added, the more substantial my rewards would become. I envisioned scenarios where surpassing expectations led to earnings that exceeded traditional salary levels.

Agency Models: The Struggle for Alignment

The realm of digital marketing agencies presented me with a diverse spectrum of approaches. Many agencies seemed content to provide services without a palpable commitment to driving remarkable outcomes for their clients. This contradicted my belief that true collaboration involves a vested interest in the success of those we serve. I identified a need for an agency model that merged service delivery with results-driven compensation, fostering a win-win scenario.

Embracing the Performance-Oriented Narrative

Despite the complexities, I’ve managed to carve out a distinct trajectory for myself. I’ve embraced the performance-oriented mindset and woven it into my narrative. This mindset propels me forward, whether I’m self-publishing eBooks, navigating the intricate web of affiliate marketing, or crafting solutions for the businesses I engage with.

A Harmonious Dance of Performance and Employment

In retrospect, my journey through the worlds of affiliate marketing, self-publishing, and traditional employment has illuminated the malleability of the performance-driven mindset. It defies easy categorization, adapting and evolving to the challenges it encounters. While it may seem at odds with the rigidity of traditional employment structures, it’s an invigorating force that empowers me to forge new paths and challenge the status quo.

As the day winds down, I reflect on my achievements – the article I published earlier, the commitment to taking care of my friend’s dog (because I can do so on a random Tuesday). These moments remind me that the union of performance and employment isn’t necessarily a collision; rather, it’s a dance, a rhythm that I’m learning to master, one step at a time. In a world where digital landscapes merge with conventional workspaces, the performance mindset becomes a guiding light, illuminating unique possibilities and propelling me toward greater horizons.