My Number 1 Problem With TeePublic Print on Demand

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My biggest gripe with TeePublic, and although it’s not that serious, it’s still something you should be aware of before signing up. Really, there are 2 small downsides of using the platform, but for some, they may be upsides.

If you’re coming from a platform like Merch by Amazon or RedBubble, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised you can’t control the price of your products on TeePublic. The margins are set in stone and that’s it.

Now, if you don’t like to control your pricing that’s not a problem at all. In fact, it evens the playing field so good designs shine through rather than the lowest cost product. Whoever has the best design, title, description, and tags wins.

The second possible problem you may have with TeePublic is the sheer volume of sales they have. TeePublic is to print on demand as Udemy is to online courses. If anyone ever pays the full price on TeePublic, they really wanted that product…

Because they could have waited a week for it to go on sale.

At the time or writing, surprising, there is no sale going on. When I recorded the video, it was a 35% off back to school sale.

Again, pros and cons to this. If you don’t mind your margins shrinking in relation to the sale ($3 to $2 in the case of the back to school sale), then go buck wild on the platform.

Overall, I still enjoy being on the TeePublic platform and will continue to use it. Especially if those are my only problems with it!

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