How to Drive TeePublic Sales Without Paying for Ads

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I got a comment on one of my videos with this scenario: guy posts a shirt or design up. He wants to know how he can get people to buy it without paying for advertising.

Well, first of all, you put up one shirt, you can’t expect the world to buy it. So unless he has an audience already out there on a popular website, a Facebook fan group, a YouTube channel with a few hundred or thousand active subscribers, or something along those lines, if you just put one design out in the wild and hope it sells you’re going to have a bad time.

There are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting a sale.

First and foremost obviously is to put out more designs.

That’s kind of one of those things where if you put out a bunch of designs and one sells, the algorithms will go “okay this person’s not some fly-by-night chump uploading a design, leaving, and then hoping it sells.” it’s like the kind of trigger and when one of your designs sells it raises the other ones through the rankings.

Not only that but you’ll actually get some information from that like

  • What did you do differently with this design that made it sell
  • And how can you replicate that to other designs to increase sales across the board

The biggest and most important thing to understand if you want organic sales is the title, description, and tags or bullet points.

So I did a search on Teepublic for a pretty competitive niche: pets. And I went specific with a specific dog breed: rottweilers.

I clicked on this one.

Just look at the title: Funny Rottweiler Dabbing.

Look at this description: Unique, great looking and 100% custom designed dabbing Rottweiler shirt. This tee features a funny design showing a Rottweiler dog doing the famous dab dance pose. Makes a great gift for Rottweiler lovers!

Not only do they have “tee” they also have “shirt” so if somebody types in rottweiler tee or rottweiler shirt this will show up. They’ve also hit on dabbing and dab. That’s the dance move so this will show up for dabbing rottweiler shirt and rottweiler dab shirt. “Great gift for Rottweilers.”

This is full of very strong buyer intent keywords. It’s also filled with keywords that people search and it’s not just Rottweiler dabbing shirt. All those search modifiers that people will be using to find shirts to buy.

That’s part of this game. One half of it is great designs and the other half is findability. The dabbing rottweiler is a well-made design that features great copywriting useful for search engine optimization.

That’s where you’re going to actually make organic sales.

Great designs aren’t gonna be found organically if they can’t be found.

You cannot hope for just showing up. That just doesn’t work.

Let’s look at the tags next.

Dab, rottweiler, dabbing, dabbin, rottweiler gift, rottweilers, rottweiler funny, rottweiler mom, rottweiler love, rottweiler lovers and the list goes on. They’re taking every variation or possible variation of these terms and including it in their tags.

And that’s important because if somebody is looking at another rottweiler design that they may not like, above the tags but below the product are design recommendations based on tags.

So you have a design out you want to sell but you don’t want to produce en masse? You have to have

  • a solid description
  • a solid title
  • a solid set of tags

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