How Many Designs to Make $500 a Month with Print on Demand?

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I got this question on my alternate Youtube channel that only talks about print on demands topics. The question is how many designs do I have to put out to make $500 per month doing print on demand?

The answer to that question is nobody knows.

I know how many designs need to put out to make $500 a month, but it’s hard to put an exact number on these kinds of things. There are no determining factors. What someone else experiences can’t truly be translated into another person’s experience. We all have different skill and effort levels. I may be able to make $500 a month on a new account in 6 months with 100 designs, you could put up 10 and do it in a month.

Someone could put up and make $500 a month.

What you need to do is spend 10 to 20 hours and make as many designs as you can. Whether that’s in-depth pieces of artwork that take an hour+ or as many text slogan shirts as you can. Go in and get as many designs up as you possibly can. Eventually, something is going to hit and start making you money. Then you can find out how to replicate that success and do more of that.

Your first upload is probably not going to do very well. That’s just how it goes. But as you upload more, you can figure out what factors went into creating success.

  • maybe the niche is a hit
  • maybe the color was what did it
  • your keywords may have improved
  • your descriptions could have been written longer
  • you may have found some tags that were underserved

The bottom line is, no one else’s experience is going to translate into what your experience is going to be. Your style is going to be different. Your workflow is going to be different. Your efforts are going to be different.

What I can say is if you jam out 100 designs, even if they’re simple and text-based (what you can do in an afternoon) something is going to sell and you’ll be able to go from there and figure out what you need to do to get up to that $500 a month club.

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