TeePublic Referral Program and Why I Use It

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On one of my Tee King YouTube videos, I was asked about the TeePublic referral program, why I use it, why people make alternate accounts for it and why I ask people to use my link. Here’s the best explanation I have for all those questions.

What is the TeePublic Referral Program

How the TeePublic referral program works is for any designer that signs up with my link, I get $1 for every product they sell up to $1,000 per designer. They still get their full commission, I just get a kickback. It’s a win-win-win, as TeePublic gets more customers, the designer is making more sales from my videos, and I get a commission based on providing more information to the designer.

Why user make alternate accounts for the TeePublic Referral Program

The biggest reason people make an alternate account for the referral program is that it includes the user’s store name in the link. If some nefarious user decides to look at the most popular products on a referral link, they could copy or draw inspiration from the most sold and then sales would tank.

On the plus side, creating an alternate account on TeePublic is allowed and free, so there is no downside to creating an alt. There are a few fun designers that aren’t earning any money on that account, which I show in the video, and that’s it.

Why I use the TeePublic Referral Program

The biggest reason is that I don’t see how this print on demand business warrants a $100 or whatever amount course. There are no secrets to this game we’re playing, all you have to do is

  • Put out great designs
  • Make sure your titles are great
  • Make sure your descriptions are great
  • Make sure your tags are great
  • Make sure your bullet points are great
  • Repeat

That’s it! There is no secret to this. That’s how you succeed in this. It’s just a matter of being prolific. You put out 100 designs, you’re going to see the money. 1,000 you’ll see more, and so on and so forth.

So that’s why I’m using the referral program instead of trying to sell a course. If you get value out of these articles or videos and want to support my efforts, you can create a new account in a different niche and start uploading new designs on there. That’s it! I’m helping you make more sales and TeePublic pays me for it!

That to me is more valuable than trying to pimp a $100 course. The information is not worth $100, the information is too basic! There is no secret!

The feedback loop

If I see that people are signing up for my referral link and are making sales (my referral bonus goes up every month) that means I’m doing something right by putting out articles and videos, so I’ll put out more. It’s that simple! $5 one month turns into $50 the next turns into $100, something is working on both my and your end.

And that’s what I’m striving to do. Give value to people.

So, if you’re interested in starting a new store, you can sign up here and start taking what I’m teaching and applying it.

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