How to Get Inexpensive B2B Prospects for Cold Emailing and Cold Calling

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Going be talking a little bit about how to find some really inexpensive B2B prospects. I’m talking like $.25 to $.33 per contact including email, phone number, business name, the whole works. What kind of started my thoughts on the topic stemmed from this question that was on Reddit.

The guy was like “hey! Are b2b leads or prospects always so expensive?” and I think he brought up ZoomInfo being like $8,700 for one year for one person and 10,000 downloaded contacts.

Of course, there was the usual backlash in the comments like “if that’s expensive you gotta increase the price of your service” and things of that nature. Like, maybe this guy is bootstrapping and he’s just trying to get his thing going. We don’t know if he’s working his SaaS out of his garage and needs to get in front of some eyeballs!

So I go hey, it’s really simple. Say you only want or need a thousand contacts in a month and don’t need the premium price tag attached. Instead of paying for those services, if you really want to get into the buy the prospects route, is to hire a freelancer from Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or the Philippines and they’ll do it for extremely inexpensive prices.

Like I said, as low as $.25 per prospect.

I have one guy, he’s bringing me 800 contacts for $200. Very specific to what I’m looking for, specific

  • industry
  • locations
  • titles

Like I said email, phone number, first name, last name, company name (and not just company name, but cleaned company name so he’s going to remove LLC and Inc and anything else at the end that’s something extra) and anything else he wants to include.

So hiring a freelancer to prospect for you is very cost-effective if you’re a one-man band you only need a thousand prospects this month. $250, 1,000 contacts. Boom, there’s your email plan or call plan right there. You close 2% and as long as the cost of whatever you’re selling is more than $12.50 you’re in the green. No brainer.

One thing also about ZoomInfo:

On December 31st, 2018 I started doing outreach for my new project, Archareer. Only a few months old at the time of writing. ZoomInfo has the company listed as a 20 employee firm and revenue at $4 million.


If that was the case I wouldn’t be writing this right now!

That’s a little suspect. I’m not saying to write them off or whatever, but telling you-you got to do a little bit of your own research.