Does Email Marketing Work

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Does email marketing work? The answer to that question is, of course, it works. Why do you think people do it so much? But it depends on two things:

  1. relevancy
  2. frequency

How often are you sending the right message to your audience, whether they’re current customers or potential customers?

If you’re doing nothing but sending sales email, promotion email, sales email, promotion email, coupon code, sales email, your list is going to get fatigued by your name. They’re going to say oh, it’s Justin again, he’s just trying to pitch me on something.

Throw some information their way!

Even if you’re not in the industry of creating content, either writing articles or creating videos or a podcast, create a roundup email that goes out every Sunday or whatever that’s simply five cool articles you want to share.

Say you’re a supplement company. “Here’s five cool articles we found on a few of the websites that we’re partnered with. Boom, there’s an article on how to lose fat. Here’s how to increase your bench. Here are 3 other articles related to our business.”

Let’s send them some interesting guides, some workout plans and nutritional plans. Figure out what they could get value from even if you’re off the mark completely. It’s showing that you’re not just trying to get money out of people constantly.

Give me money. Give me money. Give me money. Sales, promotion, sales, promotion.

Send them the “how’s everything tasting?” email.

Send them the “would you like to review it?” email.

You know how protein lasts like 30 days? Then on Day 27 after I make that purchase send the “by the way, we know that you should be close to being done with your powder. Are you ready to make that next order?”

By then they’re like “wow they’re actually hooking me up with so much information about this. I’m getting so much valuable information from this company. Yeah, I am ready to reorder.”

Provide more than just a sale or promotion.

Provide some information, provide some guidance, some community building.

Whatever the case is, but don’t just drive sale after sale after sale down their throat.

Send them what they need, not what you want.

There’s a time for that, of course, there is always a time for the sale & the promotion email. Even if you do run a sale every other week and a promotion every other week, in between those sends give them more than just the sales email.

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You don’t have to beat up their inbox, right?

So that’s it: relevancy and frequency.

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