Quickly Turn Your Video/Audio Transcriptions into Articles with AI (Jasper)

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I want to share a pretty cool use case for Jasper that I found over the weekend.

My goal was to turn a bunch of my older videos into articles I could post on this site. I am getting a decent increase in traffic over the last few weeks by talking about programmatic SEO all the time through Twitter, YouTube, and actual Google searches.

But I didn’t want to sit and listen to myself talk, then type out what I said.

Writing articles can be time-consuming and tedious, so I decided to try something new. I took the transcriptions from videos and used them as the basis for my articles.

It was a pain in the ass to read through; every line had only a few words.

After some soul-searching, I discovered a solution in the document editor of Jasper.

  • First, copy the video URL.
  • Next, go to downsub.com and enter the URL into the site. It’s free to use as far as I can tell – I haven’t hit any limits yet.
  • After that, you’ll download a text file containing all of the transcriptions from the video.
  • Finally, paste the entire transcription document into Jasper–you should see something like this:

Highlight a section of text that makes sense in the context of a paragraph or sentence, then hit control+E (or the rephrase tool).

Ultimately, I end up salvaging about two-thirds of what I say just because I have a bunch of “ums,” “ahs,” and repeated words. I also speak fast, so every 5 minutes of video content comes out to about 1,000 words.

So that’s the whole thing. I have boss mode on Jasper, so I can do as much as I want without worry. If you’re on a limited plan, it might not work as well for you…

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