Time Loops and The Sunken Place: On Taking Too Many Edibles

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This is nothing more than a public place to put my experience taking way too many mg of edibles and going on nightmarish trips through my mind.

The Sunken Place

It was the most frightening experience I’ve ever had ripping an edible. The dosage was unknown but was later discovered to be anywhere from 160 to 640mg.

Had I known that, I would not have participated.

The girlfriend brings them over, and we both pop one and then watch a movie. Friday, perhaps. No effect. Damn, we’re hungry, let’s go out to eat. We eat a few crumbs of pot brownies her friend made and then go to the restaurant.

It’s only a few blocks away, so we walked. I think that’s what kickstarted the adventure. A little movement.

As we were walking to our table, which was way in the back of the restaurant, it fucking hit me.

Thought I was going to be glued to the seat forever.

“Entrees to go, please.”

Walking back home zooted off my ass, there’s an old man straight stumbling up the street to get back to his dusty hotel room. Cue crying laughing because my man was struggling. Big tears, big tears.

Fast forward, back up in the apartment, and I need to lay down on the couch.



The moment my head hit pillow I was lost in the sauce. Down for the count. There were weird, self-imposed rules where I couldn’t move at all unless the GF touched me, but I couldn’t tell her that, what with the whole sunken feeling. Just had to sit there semi-conscious of my own inability to do anything as I waited for her to come ask if I was okay.

Snap back to reality, ope there is gravity, munch on some snack, and off to bed for real.

Come to find out the mg in those little caps could have been anywhere from 140 to 640. Where the hell is your quality control?

Never again.

The Time Loop

Another day, another edible. This one was a lot nicer in terms of what I was getting into (40mg), but god damn, I’m a 10mg man.

Skipping all the backstory, I was lying in bed having a conversation and was present for the conversation.

We stopped talking and every response felt like a decade of loops where if the conversation didn’t continue as it did in real life, my brain would loop it back to the beginning until the correct conversation occurred.

Note: we were both zooted, and my hearing is terrible from shooting without protection, so sometimes I have to assume what is being said based on context or just making some shit up.

Hence the time loop of not knowing exactly what was said and just throwing darts and hoping to hit trips 20.

So I’m just laying there quietly for who the hell knows exactly, trapped in my own head. Eventually, I made it out and got this massive wave of relief, I even started tearing up. Wowzers.

Thought I was still in the loop because she got up to use the bathroom and was in there so long I thought I messed up again and had to go back to the beginning.


Anyway, I’m not doing edibles over 10mg anymore.