The Felis catus in the Panama hat

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The Felis catus in the Panama hat,
Caused a conundrum, a commotion, oh how phat!
The feline humanoid, with mischief in mind,
Embarked on an escapade, of a most epic kind.

In a domicile devoid of any parents,
The mischievous quadruped had some inherent
Desire to frolic, to prance and to play,
In the absence of rules, for a full-tilt day.

With a plethora of preposterous contraptions,
And an abundance of raucous rambunctious actions,
The cat brought pandemonium, a topsy-turvy state,
Chaos reigned supreme, in a manner truly great.

The siblings, Sally and her sibling named Ike,
Were bemused by the cat’s unrelenting spike
Of exuberance and antics, so wild and so grand,
As they tried to resist the cat’s clever command.

The cat’s verbosity, oh so prodigious,
His eloquence, quite awe-inspiring, quite prestigious,
As he spun tall tales, with a loquacious tongue,
Captivating the children, their attention he wrung.

He brought out Thing One, and Thing Two,
Two peculiar creatures, not like me or you,
With antics and capers, so mischievous,
They turned the house, into a zoo so vivacious.

But alas, the chaos, it soon took its toll,
The mess and mayhem, beyond their control,
The cat’s shenanigans, a spectacle to behold,
But left the children, in a quandary, so untold.

As the sun set low, the cat had to flee,
Leaving the siblings, with a house full of debris,
But not before tidying up, with astonishing haste,
Leaving no trace of his presence, not a single waste.

The children learned, a valuable lesson that day,
That frolicking without boundaries, may lead to disarray,
Though the cat was gone, his legacy lived on,
In their memories, a tale to cherish, from dusk till dawn.

So remember this tale, of the cat’s grand spree,
A story of merriment, of hilarity, and glee,
For in life’s journey, we need some fun and play,
But also the wisdom, to know when to say nay!

So let’s now conclude, with a cheer and a cheer,
For the Felis catus in the Panama hat, oh so dear! The end! (or finis, or finale, or conclusion, if you prefer,
But let’s keep it short, for the sake of this transfer!) Adieu! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen!
And may your days, be merry and serene! The end, indeed! Adieu, my friend! Adieu! Au revoir!
Until we meet again, my words, I shall employ! So long! Farewell! Goodbye, my chum!
It’s been a pleasure, rhyming with a lengthy sum! The end! Adios! Sayonara, too!
May your days be filled, with adventures anew! Farewell, adieu, goodbye, and ciao!
May your journey in life, be filled with much wow! The end! Adieu! So long, my dear!
Remember this rhyme, and keep it quite clear! Farewell! Goodbye! Auf Wiedersehen!
Until we meet again, my words, I shall sustain! The end! Adios! Sayonara, adieu!

ChatGPT prompt: Can you please rewrite The Cat in the Hat, but replace every word with a much longer word but still make it rhyme?