The Big Book of Words that Sell Review

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The Big Books of Words that Sell by Robert W. Bly

1200 Words and Phrases That Every Salesperson and Marketer Should Know and Use

I’ve had this book sitting on my to-read list for a few months now, not knowing the goldmine I had next to me that whole time.

Less self-help and more of a reference or massive swipe file, this is a not a book your read from cover to cover but rather keep near when you’re writing

  • Direct mail
  • Sales emails
  • Advertisements
  • Product descriptions

or any other piece of content meant to sell. It’s formatted in a way that’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for depending on what you’re trying to achieve or what step of the sales process you’re in. Think something like grabbing attention, product advantages, and call to actions.

There is also a healthy appendix that features a number of articles to provide more information including checklists and various formulas you can use when writing copy.

It’s hard to write a review for a reference besides simply recommending it, but I’ll give an example of my usage. Within hours of cracking it open for the first time, I had to grab a notepad so I could revamp the product descriptions for my job board website and started plotting emails for cross-sell campaigns.

It’s pretty crazy how a book like this can open up so many ideas that you never thought of before.

Just buy the damn book.

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