300 Email Marketing Tips by Meera Kothand Review

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I recently finished 300 Email Marketing Tips by Meera Kothand and wanted to drop a little review for it.

Overall I’d say this is a good pick up for someone early on in implementing their email marketing strategy but serves little purpose for someone who’s created a funnel or two. If anything it can act as a refresher as you touch up older sequences and rework your email marketing. That’s more or less what I used it for as I rebuilt my job board’s flows.

It’s pretty well laid out as far as actual actionable steps and each section ends with a few questions to ask yourself about your strategies. Things like what benefit are you providing your email lists and do each of your product offerings have their own sequence. Again, great for someone setting up their first sequence or just wanting a refresher.

The sections go into detail about every step in the email marketing funnel from creating a lead magnet to monetizing your list to how to measure email performance. That’s great for a step by step process to get your shit up and running.

Like most books on marketing, you really have to understand your niche or industry so you can apply the fundamentals presented here. Super surface-level stuff but provides a good baseline and plan for you to implement for your audience.

One of the things I disliked about the book, like Jeff Walker’s Launch, is the constant asks to join her own mailing list. Makes sense, this is nothing more than a lead magnet for her other products and services, it just feels like I could have read every section on her blog and saved the $12 I spent on the book.

I would recommend this for someone who hasn’t started a successful email sales funnel or is looking for ways to revamp and improve their current one. It’s great because there’s an ending so you don’t keep searching for the next best secret…because there is none.

You can snag a copy here.

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